Our safety is based on the belief that every working person is entitled to a safe place to work. We recognize our responsibility for the physical well-being of our employees as established by Federal and State regulations. We further recognize the vital role that effective accident prevention measures play in an efficiently run project. Our managers and supervisors are responsible and accountable for the implementation of safe work procedures and maintenance of a job site free from hazards that would endanger people or property. Support of this objective is a condition of employment. The Company’s accident prevention policies are contained in a Supervisor’s Health and Safety Manual that covers the following areas:

  • The organizational and individual responsibility for accident prevention. Guidelines for pre-job planning
  • Requirements for conducting weekly job site safety inspections. Specific safety rules for supervisors and craftsman.
  • Specific policy requiring that each newly hired employee receives orientation in the Company’s accident prevention program.
  • Emergency procedures, including the requirement that each superintendent hold current first-aid certification.
  • Procedures for investigating and reporting accidents.
  • Compiling of incidence rates for monitoring safety performance.
  • A recognition program for business groups showing significant improvement.